All our massage therapists are very experienced and most of them  have their own private practice; Therefore, please call us ahead for making reservation.

​Swedish Massage​

Massage using Swedish technique to improve circulation, relax the body, and release stress. Swedish massage is beneficial in increase level of oxygen in the blood, decrease muscle toxin, and ease tension.
60min/75mi/90 min - $90/$105/$125.

Aromatherapy Massage

Customized massage using Swedish technique and essential oil to address your need of calm, energize, detoxify, or de-stressing.
60min/75mi/90 min - $100/$115/$135.

Deep Tissue Massage

This deep tissue massage is slower, more forceful stroke to work on underlying muscle and connective tissue.
60min/75mi/90 min - $90/$105/$125.
Duo Massage
Massage for two in the same room while soaking in the relaxing sound and sipping of champagne. 
60min/75mi/90 min - $160/$180/$210
Spa Reflexology
Using traditional Eastern healing method, all points on the feet will be targets for massage and acupressure
30 min/60 min - $60/$90
Cupping Therapy
Improve circulation to reduce pain, help digestive & respiratory problems.  Ideal for low back pain, sciatica, and cellulite. 
60min/90min - $90/$115
Ultimate Massage
Swedish Massage complete with Aromatherapy, heated Lava Rock HotStone, and Hot wax hand & foot treatment.
90 min - $160
Lymphatic drainage is a gentle, rhythmic technique that helps to reduce inflammation. The light pressure works to accelerate the flow of lymph that is sluggish or compromised as well as producing a calming and analgesic effect on the body. lymph drainage massages can improve the function of the immune system and increase the production of antibodies that fight off infections.It also helps to reduce the production of scar tissue and helps the body heal faster. Therefore, Lymph Drainage Massage can be beneficial for:
*Deep relaxation. Stress
*Pre and Post surgery, by strengthening the immune system LDM helps the body to recover  faster and decreases the amount of scar tissue development.
*Nervous system and auto immune disorders such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue syndrome  and Rheumatoid Arthritis to name a few, all respond well to LDM
*Lymphadema stages 1&2
*Edema (swelling) from an injury or as a follow up to Deep Tissue Massage
*Migraines and Sinus Headaches
  and much more
Lymphatic Massage
60 min - $90