Frequently asked questions

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  1. How do you integrate Natural Western and Eastern medical treatment in your spa setting?
    Our Acupuncturist is also a licensed Esthetician with many years experience in skin care. We integrate both Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrition, and Esthetic knowledge into our treatment protocol. For example, before starting the treatment, we do consultation, checking the pulse, the tongue, and perform a normal body check up according to Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy. In addition, depended on the symptoms, we also use Wood Lamp to check out the skin condition. After this initial consultation and physical exam, with our customer consent, we can perform Acupuncture or other Chinese Treatment modalities such as Guasha, Moxa, Plum Needle, Acupressure, etc… If our customers prefer non-needle techniques, we will use our esthetic machine such as Microcurrent, Ultra Sonic, Cavitation, Photo Dynamic Light Therapy, Microdermabrasion to help infuse the blend of Essential Oil and our own formulated Herbal Formula into the treatment area. However, to achieve best result, we recommend to use both Needle and Non-Needle technique. We recommend that an Acupuncture treatment should be performed first in order for the energy and blood to circulate, then follow with Esthetic technique.
  2. Tell us more about your Nutrition or Herbal product line and how it would help to improve a person’s health?
    Our main Nutrition and Herbal products are from Nature Sunshine and Solle Natural. Nature Sunshine is a premier quality company and its manufacturing site is NSF certified GMP and FDA checked for Pharmaceutical Grade. It had earned many prestigious awards such as the Supplement Manufacturer of the Year and voted by the world renown Forbes Magazine as the America’s Most Trustworthy Companies in 2013 for its high integrity business conducts. Solle Natural is holistic healing with mindset built in. It is the only company that we know in the market that target both physical body, intellectual, and emotional issues. Therefore, its products that strengthen both body and mind are unique and worthy of learning. Our other products line worthy of consideration are from Evergreen. The company main focus is using Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy as its backbone. In addition to the proprietary formula, The company also carries formula that has been successfully used over 5000 years in China and throughout the world. At iFini MedSpa, we can formulate Herbs based on individual body constitution in powder or pill form. We can ship the Herbs directly to your doorstep or you can pick up the Herbs at our store.
  3. Tells us about your specialization and general treatment.
    Our main focus is in Pain and Dermatology. As we mentioned previously, we are using skin care instruments, Herbs, and Traditional Chinese Medicine technique to treat skin condition. We have our own natural proprietary formula that can help restore hair loss, reduce acne, fine line, and rejuvenate your skin. Although our specialization is in Dermatology, we also can help your internal issue with Herbs and Acupuncture.
  4. On your Facial treatment, how is it different than the other conventional technique.
    We are not too different than other Day Spa. We still use the latest instruments in skin care such as Microcurrent, Ultrasonic, Radio Frequency, PDT, etc… However, our differences are that we incorporate the technique of Meizen Facial Acupuncture, couples with Essential Oil from Doterra in our treatment. The result is much more effective and long lasting.
  5. What Skin Care product line that you are currently using?
    Currently, we are carrying the serum and skin care from well known brand name such as Eminence, Nu Skin, Beauty Control. We are still working with others companies to improve our products line. For certain skin condition that needs special attention, we also have our own formulated serum and skin care that can help address specific issues.
  6. Do you do laser treatment?
    Currently, we are not doing laser treatment. However, we are considering adding laser treatment in the near future.
  7. Please tell us about the usage of Essential Oil in your treatment.
    We are very selective in using Essential Oils. After testing many Essential Oils in the market, we are confident that only Doterra or Nature Sunshine Essential Oil fits our goas for Medical Treatment. Doterra and Nature Sunshine company has high quality control in distilling of Essential Oil, as well as their manufacturing control that goes all the way back to the farm source, where the Herbs were grew and harvested. After personally using these Essential Oil on our own family and friends, we are confident that we are using the best Essential Oil in the market. We use these Essential Oil heavily in our treatment due to its therapeutic property. The molecular structure of Essential Oil allows it to penetrate deeply into the dermis and into the blood stream. With the use of modern instruments and Herb base as carrier, Essential Oil can quickly penetrate and perform its wonder.
  8. How do you control pain with Acupuncture?
    From the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, pain is mostly caused by Qi and Blood stagnation. We have several techniques to address pain. Our main technique is to figure out the energy channel associated with the location of the pain and what caused the blood to stagnate at the pain location. Depended on the type of pain, sharp or dull, we can find the trigger point and perform Acupuncture at distal or proximal to the pain location. We can also use electro stimulation, Moxa, Herbal Paste, Essential Oil, Guasha, Acupressure, Stretching, Exercise, or Qi Gong to alleviate the pain.
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