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We appreciate our customer supports over the last 5 months.  Due to personal reason, we regret that we will close iFini MedSpa starting Oct 1, 2016.  

We offer community type Acupuncture $20-$40 Tuesday-Wednesday3


iFini MedSpa
iFini MedSpa is located in a busy district in east downtown on 11th street and Rosewood Avenue. Our spa offers comfort for your body in a relax environment to help rejuvenate and revitalize your body’s energy. iFini MedSpa serves these purposes with excellent services and high quality products with a comfortable retreat.

Our Philosophy

iFini MedSpa was established with a purpose to bring the beauty of both Eastern and Western spa with natural medicine into coexistence.

Our philosophy is to employ the finest, organic products in our treatments and to avoid using potential chemical additives that can be harmful to both our clients and employees    
Skin Care
We pride ourselves in providing the best quality services with the finest skin care products such as Eminence Organic, Beauty Control, NuSkin, and many other brand name products. Our estheticians will analyze your skin and recommend you with the best products and routine that can enhance the beauty of your skin.
Natural Medicine
iFini MedSpa employs the art of natural medicine from both Eastern and Western in our treatment protocol. Our experienced acupuncturist is well verse in body and facial acupuncture, herbs, and nutrition. We are proud to introduce this ancient art to restore health as well as enhancing your beauty in a subtle and natural way.